We want you to be happy with your dog and they
do require some of your time unless you plan on
bringing them to a groomer

The Poodle is a very high maintenance breed, but
the cost of grooming is a small price to pay for
canine companionship that is without equal.

Unlike other animals which have fur, the Poodle
coat is comprised of hair, similar to that of a
human, and it never stops growing.    In young
puppies, their hair is soft and can vary between
soft waves to pronounced curls.   As the puppy
grows, so does the time required for grooming.   
As the Standard Poodle puppy matures, he will go
through a coat change.   When this occurs varies
from dog to dog, but it usually happens when the
puppy is between 9 and 18 months.   During this
coat change, it may be necessary to brush your
poodle on a daily basis to prevent him from
becoming matted
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